Last batch of AWA pics! Snow was ridiculously beautiful. (3/3)

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Moar AWA! Part dos! (2/3)

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Photos from AWA! I’m Princess B! (1/3)

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She flies with her own wings.

My best friend got this tattoo today :)

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today i wanted to take a picture with my dog



christ stOP


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Ronan Sean Thompsonyou fought it hard like an army guy.

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I love u guys 5ever

WOW I have 80 followers and 29,035 notes on a post!? WHAAAAaaaaAAAt!! 

ILY U GUISE. Anyways, to my new followers, hi all! I’m Pippa! I can’t name all of y’all but it’s great to have you guys onboard! I’ll be putting up some graphics soon I promise! Msg me if you have any requests! I just have a bunch of school stuff to catch up on :( 

Till next time! xx

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  • Plot twist: Gotye wins the VMA for most share-worthy video.